0.470 g/t Au + 0.548% Cu + 152 ppm Mo (granodiorite) OREAS 508 - 60g

CAD$9.50 each

OREAS 508 was prepared from a blend of porphyry copper-gold ore, barren granodiorite and a minor quantity of Cu-Mo concentrate. The ore was sourced from Northparkes Mine located in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. The barren granodiorite was sourced from the mafic, S-Type, Late Devonian Bulla Granodiorite complex located in northern Melbourne, Australia.

Twenty-two commercial analytical laboratories participated in the program to certify the elements shown below. The following methods were employed:

  • Gold by 15-50g fire assay with AAS (17 laboratories) or ICP-OES (4 laboratories) finish;
  • Gold by 10-50g aqua regia digestion with ICP-MS finish (10 laboratories) and AAS (5 laboratories) finish;
  • 4-acid digestion for full elemental suite ICP-OES/MS finish (up to 19 laboratories depending on the element)
  • Aqua regia digestion for full elemental suite ICP-OES/MS and AAS finish (up to 21 laboratories depending on the element).

Gold by instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) on 20 x 85mg subsamples was undertaken to confirm homogeneity (at ANSTO, Lucas Heights, Australia).

 CRM Code Principle Certified Values State Matrix Mineralization
OREAS 508 Au 0.470 ppm Cu 0.548% Mo 152 ppm primary granodiorite  porphyry copper-gold

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