0.364 g/t Au + 0.444 % Cu + 87 ppm Mo (quartz monzonite) OREAS 506 - 500g

CAD$77.00 each

OREAS 506 was prepared from a blend of porphyry copper-gold ore, barren granodiorite and a minor quantity of Cu-Mo concentrate. The ore was sourced from the Northparkes Mine located in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. The barren granodiorite was sourced from the mafic, S-Type, Late Devonian Bulla Granodiorite complex located in northern Melbourne, Australia.
Twenty-seven commercial analytical laboratories participated in the program to certify the elements reported.


 CRM Code Principle Certified Values State Matrix Mineralization
OREAS 506 Au 0.364 ppm Cu 0.444 % Mo 87 ppm primary quartz monzonite  porphyry copper-gold

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